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Our dental marketing agency has been providing great work for over a decade. We’ve seen the quality of our competitors drop year over year. At the same time, the average length of their required contracts has gotten longer and longer.

We developed Solution Med Media to be that “other option.”  We believe if a dental marketing company does a great job, there’s no need for a binding agreement. We think clients will continue to pay for a service if they are seeing value. Below is what makes us different from the rest pack in the the medical and dental marketing industry.

Packages with No Contracts

We are firm believers in giving our clients the freedom to choose where to invest their marketing dollars. If you’ve worked with other medical marketing agencies you’ll know the longer the contract the lower the quality of work. Companies that try to stick you with a commitment that last for years and years knows their product isn’t sustainable. They have no confidence practice’s will remain customers without a binding agreement.

Having a long contract also removes any urgency for the marketing agency to perform. They know there’s no way to get out of the engagement, and have no real penalty if they can’t deliver results. 

Solution Med Media will always offer package options that come with no contracts. We will always be on our toes working hard to impress to make sure we deserve our customers business.


More Than Just "Fluff Fulfillment"

If you’ve dealt with other medical marketing agencies, you’ll know about “fluff fulfillment”. This is when the agency tells you how smart their product is, but will never really show you what’s being completed. If the company you’re currently working with is only doing one or two blog posts a month, duplicate social media updates, and link building they won’t disclose, you are getting stuck with “fluff fulfillment”.

Solution Med Media comes from a premium inbound marketing background. We are firm believers in content marketing, social engagement, downloadable material, and communication. If you’re finailly ready for a quality agency that is more than just “fluff”, you should give us a call.

Quality, Quality, Quality

Things have changed so much in the digital marketing world over the last decade. Many of the medical marketing agencies are stuck with tactics from the dark ages. Now days, Google is looking for businesses that can add value to the Internet. It will reward businesses that consistently give users a reason to visit their site. This is primarily done with content marketing and social engagement.

Solution Med Media is focused on quality. All fulfillment from web design to pay per click advertising will be executed at the highest level possible. We are 100% confident our packages will give twice as much work at a higher level of quality than the competition.


Inbound Marketing Philosophy

Most medical marketing agencies have never heard of inbound marketing. It is a concept they don’t understand, and it show in their inability to drive rank improvement.

Rather than spinning our wheels on a bunch of tasks that don’t work, we focus on answering questions with content. See, Google is looking to rank websites that provide the most and best information about a particular topic. If you offer a dental service in Orlando, you are going to want to have as many quality pages about dentistry as possible. If you own a cosmetic surgery practice in Houston, having a robust index about the latest surgical techniques will impress the search engines.

Inbound marketing is based on the philosophy of adding value to the Internet. No longer are we creating pages only for the search engines. We’re constructing a site that answers people questions and gives users a reason to share the information. When this is done on a consistent basis, Google will see you deserve top listings for important keywords.

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