If you work within the medical or dental industry having a beautiful & effective website has never been more important. The Internet is easily your best tool for finding new clients and growing your practice.

Like it or not, potential clients are going to judge the quality of your work by the feeling they get from your brand. If they visit your website, and it is slow, outdated, and ugly, they are going to think your practice is the same way. That’s why its absolutely critical to represent your staff, facilities, customer service, and product in the best light possible.

We’ve worked with thousands of dentists and doctors in the past, and there’s no question these are the three most common website issues.

1. Outdated Website Design

We list this in the first position because its probably the most important element of a medical or dental website. Its also the one we see messed up most often.

The Internet is an ever evolving organism. Marketing tactics, design preferences, lead generation processes, and everything else is always in a state of change. If you haven’t had a redesign in the last 5 years, you are already way behind the curve.

Updating the look of your site is a great way to start a new marketing campaign. This can be the catalyst to start leveraging social media, search, and maps to expand your practice’s reach.

If you get to the point of needing a website makeover, we highly recommend being very careful about selecting the right medical marketing agency. Don’t get sucked into a long contract for the advertising services because you think you’ll get a better price on the makeover. If you’re looking for an outfit to provide both services, first complete the redesign. Going through that process will give you and idea if you want to be working with the agency for the next several months or years.

2. Poor Selection & Quality of Before/After Pictures

The main content people looking at medical & dental websites consume is before & after pictures. They want to see examples of how you can make them look and/or feel. That’s why its absolutely critical to have a large selection of nice photos. Its important the pictures weren’t taken with a cell phone or cheap camera. You are going to want to hire a qualified photographer to come in and create the gallery.

Once you have the photos taken, the next trick is to display them effectively. Its extremely important to organize the images and add them to your site in a way that highlights your work.

3. Website Not Optimized for Mobile Devices

If you look in the Google Analytics data of your website’s traffic, you can see the number of users viewing your content on a mobile device. Many times, as much as 40 to 60% of visitors are using smart phones to look at your site. If the content & design hasn’t been specifically optimized to be mobile responsive, it is going to look absolutely hideous. That will to give those users a bad impression of your practice, and limit your ability to generate new work.

When you are looking for the right agency to design your next website, make sure you put them to the test. Don’t just settle for them saying the site will be optimized for mobile. Get on your phone and look at their site. The best example of what an agency will do for you is what they do for themselves. If they agency you’re talking with has a site that looks like junk on mobile, there’s a good chance yours will look the same.


Having a website that looks amazing and performs well in Google is the most important thing your can do to grow your business. If you have those two things on lock, everything else will be great. It will give you the time to focus on what’s most important, and that’s the quality of your work.

If you’re looking for a super start agency with a ton of experience to help you with your next redesign, we would love to talk. The brass at Solution Med Media have been in the digital marketing industry for over two decades. Our company is built on the principle of choice. We always give our clients the power to continue with the engagement or find a new provider. Removing the contract from the equation motivates the marketing agency to continue to add value. If you’d like to hear more about how a quality online marketing agency can help grow your business, please give us a call.