So you’ve finished your education, and are finally ready to start a practice. All those years of school haven’t come cheap. There’s a good chance you’re looking at a few hundred thousand dollars in debt. Creating a business that has the ability to pay back that kind of money can cause a lot of stress and sleepless nights.

It’s finally time to get a return on all the time, effort, and cash its taken to get to this point. Now, the big question is what are you going to do to build your practice. The lucky few have the opportunity to take over or join a practice. This could come from a relative moving into retirement  or a good friend who’s already in the industry. Most new dentists/doctors don’t have that kind of luxury. They are on their own to create a brand that will hopefully turn into a lucrative venture.

The Internet is going to be the best channel for finding new clients and building a business. The starting point is obviously getting a new website put together. After that, it gets a little more complicated. You need to find a way to actually start generating traffic.

Both developing a new website and creating brand exposure are two very important things for your business. Below are the 3 reasons you should choose Solution Med media to get these goals accomplished in the fastest and most cost effective way possible.

1. Experience Matters

Just like there is a big difference in quality when it comes cosmetic work, the same is true with digital marketing. Sure, different medical inbound marketing agencies may say the same thing pre-engagement. However, when the rubber meets the road, there is a massive difference between service providers.

The team at Solution Med Media has decades of experience in the online marketing world. We have seen everything from when SEO was first invented to the development of inbound marketing . We’ve seen Google modify their algorithm over the years, and know what it takes to get results.

Solution Med Media was founded on the principle of quality over quantity. We did this because that’s exactly what Google rewards. When you work with our team you will get the perfect mix of high level communication and precise fulfillment. Unlike many of the medical marketing agencies, everything we do has a purpose. All techniques work together in harmony to provide a service that produces new customers.

2. Customize Strategy for Each Client

We pride ourselves in providing on having the best marketing for dentists and doctors. It’s impossible to do that with a cookie cutter product. We developed Digital Blend as a flexible tool which worked within a certain set of high quality parameters.

When we get started with a new client, there is a robust onboarding process. This research and development phase gives our team all the information needed to develop a custom campaign. We want to know about what makes you different. Its important to understand and communicate why a potential customer should select your practice for their medical or dental needs.

Most medical marketing agencies use a lot of duplicate content for blogging and social media updates. This kind of work can actually hurt your website’s performance. I think it’s horrible many practices are paying tens of thousands of dollars for marketing work that is actually hurting their reputation in Google.

3. Go Getter Attitude

We are firm believers in communication and hard work. We guarantee when you engage with Solution Med Media you will get more and better work than any other medical inbound marketing agency. We also guarantee our communication with be more frequent and higher quality.

We are dedicated to our clients success. When you engage with SMM, you aren’t going to be just another client. Your business will have a team of motivated experts discussing, promoting, and analyzing your campaign on a daily basis.

We guarantee there will never be a day when you send us a question and it goes unanswered. Our team understands the importance of communication and reporting. When you engage with SMM, you will never wonder why you’re paying us each month. You will see the value we provide when new clients start walking through the door.

Solution Med Media isn’t your normal medical marketing agency. Our background is in the premium B2B space. We have worked on campaigns that range from 10K to 30K a month. We built Digital Blend to treat each of our dentists and doctors as if they were a large corporation with a million dollar advertising budget.

If you’re interested in seeing what quality medical inbound marketing looks like, please give us a ring. We would love to put together a free website analysis, and discuss what need to happen if you want to dominate your local market.