custom facebook pageDid you know that 88% of businesses are using social media as a marketing tool? As more people turn to social media for information, it’s vital to have a presence on these platforms. In a social media driven world, medical practices need to find ways to connect with their customers, without sacrificing patient privacy rules. If you are looking to stand out on Facebook, there are a number of tools available on the social networking giants to help you to get started. Having the right look and feel to your Facebook page will enhance engagement with your customers.

Become a Facebook Developer

To create a custom Facebook page, you can choose from templates provided by Facebook, or you can become a Facebook developer and create your own custom page. You will need to simply sign in as you normal account information and use the apps for developers in order to create your own page. Now you will click on “create a new app” and you must choose a name for the app as it will be displayed in the navigation on your page.

Upload Quality Images

You need to select some quality images that represent your practice properly and use them in your custom page design. Choose not only an image but an icon that will be used to represent your business when people search for it. The goal is to find an image that is “eye catching” so you can get people to notice it and have the desire to click on it.

Add Contact Information and Display Content

Create a page that is separate from Facebook and include vital information such as your business contact information and the design that you want to represent your business. Once you have created this web page, you will be able to upload the design to Facebook as long as it fits within their specific page requirements. Due to the complexity of web design, it is often easier to outsource this step to a third party company with custom page design experience. Solution Med Media experts can provide expertise in creating custom Facebook pages.

Facebook does have a guide process on how to properly name your page and have them appear in the  social media network. Since creating custom Facebook pages is a complex and time-consuming process for some people, you may want to consider hiring a third party web design company to handle it for you. Give Solution Med Media a call and let us know how we can help you started with custom Facebook design and marketing your medical practice.