You’ve put in the 8 to 12 years to get your medical degree. Most of that time was spent learning the technical aspects of your craft. You are finally ready to put all that knowledge to use, but are missing one thing, patients!.

Finding people interested in your service can be the hardest and most frustrating part of building a successful practice. All those hours spent with your nose in a book didn’t teach you much about how to find new customers. Below are the 3 most important ways to get a medical practice off the ground.

1. Provide a Way for People to Share Their Experience

The most important way to build your medical practice is by doing amazing work. If you provide a great service, things will work out. The best form of advertising is word of mouth. When you do a great job, people will share their experiences with friends and family. However, we wanted to take this point a little bit further. Besides people just talking to their acquaintances, it’s important to give them another way to share their story with the general public.

Having people write positive reviews about your practice can be the difference between success and mediocracy. Rather than just sitting back, hoping satisfied patients jump on Google and write about their experience. It’s important to be proactive with trying to generate positive reviews.

We highly recommend working with a marketing marketing agency that utilizes technology to prompt patients to leave reviews. Here at Solution Med Media, our software sends automated emails encouraging customers to share their experience. This helps our customers to get a large number of new reviews each month.

As we all know, reviews can be a double edge sword. Just as the positive can be extremely beneficial, negative can be massively detrimental. Our service will only post the reviews that are 3 stars or above. If the comment is lower than that, it will trigger a survey where the dissatisfied customer can explain what happened.

Getting feedback from dissatisfied customers can be some of the most useful data. This will tell a practice where they need to step up their game. The problem could be as small as a rude receptionist. While this issue is really small and easy to fix, it also can be very damaging to the practice.

2. Get Top Rankings for Important Keywords

The Internet is where 90% of your customers will find your practice. Getting top, organic rankings isn’t something that will happen over night. However, if you implement the right tactics it is definitely possible.

Things have changed so much in the medical marketing industry over the past 10 years. Back in the old days, it was all about traditional SEO. This was a mindset that utilized a high volume of low quality work. Unfortunately, the majority of marketing agencies that work within the medical space still do this kind of work. These kinds of marketing agencies are NEVER able to provide real organic results.

If you want top rankings in the modern Google, you need to create great content. Implementing a successful content marketing strategy is by far the most important thing you can do to get rankings. Google’s ranking algorithm is based around rewarding websites that have the most & best content about a particular topic. If you aren’t doing at lease 4 high quality blog posts a month, you will never see the kinds of rankings you’re after.

The other trick behind getting top organic rankings is to be active on social media. We’ve seen that Google will actually evaluate the number of users interacting with your profiles. This is a surefire way to measure engagement. When the search engines see people sharing or commenting on your profile, it verifies a high level of quality.

When sharing within the social networks, you are never going to want to just pre-write a bunch of stupid posts. That level of engagement will provide zero benefit to your online marketing efforts, and can actually be detrimental in the long run.

3. Create a Website That Looks & Feels Amazing

Having a website the looks great & has effective messaging is an essential part of all digital marketing campaigns. Many times, doctors will focus on the “looks great” part and leave out “effective messaging”. That can be a real mistake.

Well written content is important for users and search engines alike. When you can communicate in a manner that effectively engages users, you are one step closer to success. Google will also reward websites that provide great information. We’ve seen the search engines give higher rankings to websites that have longer “average times on site” metrics. Again, this verifies the content on the site is high quality and informing users.

The Internet is an ever evolving organism. People’s design preferences and overall style are always in a state of change. That’s why we recommend a high quality redesign every 5 years. This will ensure your site has the latest look that will ultimately convert traffic into leads at a higher rate.


Building a successful medical practice is a lot more complicated than just providing a great service. Dominating your local marketing within the online space is the most important thing you can do to build your business. If you follow our recommendations and provide a way for people to share their experience,  get top rankings, and create a fantastic website, your business with thrive for years to come.