As we all know, it takes a really really long time to become a dentist or doctor. All those years studying to get an advanced degree don’t come cheap. The average medical student finishes  their education with around 200K in debt.

After all the classes and test are finally completed, you then need to open a practice. This is another venture that doesn’t come cheap. After everything is said and done with getting in a facility, hiring staff, leasing equipment, purchasing insurance, and everything else, most doctors owe the bank around 500K.

Now the question is what do you need to do to get back in the black. Obviously, the most important thing is providing a great service. I would say the second most important thing is developing an effective marketing strategy. Below are the 3 most important things you can do to get started with a quality advertising campaign.

1. Build an Amazing Website

The internet is the tool 95% of the population use to find local service providers. If you are new in the medical industry, there is a place you can differentiate yourself from the competition.

The truth of the matter is most established dentists and doctors have pathetic websites. They’ve been around for long enough to run lucrative businesses off of reputation and repeat customers alone. If you come in and blow the old school practices out of the door with amazing marketing campaigns, you can be the new guy to take over your market.

Understanding what goes into a great website isn’t as easy as it sounds. Anyone can look at a website and say if they like it or not. However, its much more difficult to really have a critical eye and understand what you like or don’t like.

Just as you went to years and years of school to learn your trade, professionals within the online community have spent years to hone their craft. If you don’t have a background in medical marketing, we recommend finding a trusted development agency. They should be able to give you options and recommendations on what needs to be done to build a cutting edge website.

2. Engage with Social Media

Leveraging social media for a business isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds. However, if it’s done correctly, this can be the difference between just paying the bills or living the high life.

Here’s the thing most dentists and doctors don’t understand. Potential followers aren’t interested in your staffs birthdays or shallow updates. You need to think of content that will really engage the audience.

You’re going to want to think of social media as an education platform. This is your chance to show just how much you learned in those 7 or 8 years of school. You are going to want to talk about what you know. Don’t be afraid to go into tips, theories, or opinions. The trick is to create content that actually adds value to the Internet.

If you’re going to outsource your social media work to a medical marketing agency, be very wary of duplicate content. Any company that provides digital marketing for dentists should be ashamed if they are using prewritten FB updates. It’s an absolute joke to think an outside firm can do a good job pre-writing content to distributed through social platforms.

3. Leverage Performance Data

Digital marketing is most effective when it’s driven by data. We highly recommend developing 2 or 3 core, performance metrics. These should probably be rankings, traffic, and conversions. You can then evaluate your marketing efforts to see what’s working and what’s not.

Its highly important to use a few different methods for determining success. We’ve seen several medical marketing companies that refuse to show any ranking data. If you run into this kind of outfit, we strongly recommend running away as fast as possible.

Not using ranking data as a success metric means you know your service absolutely sucks. It means you know your product has no ability to actually produce results. Agencies that fit into this category should be kicked off the web.


Building a new medical or dental practice isn’t easy. Coming out of school with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt can be extremely stressful. However, if you follow the three tips above, you should be able to become extremely successful.