Selecting the right dental marketing firm is a big decision. Seeing how you are going to be spending tens of thousands of dollars a year on their service, it’s important you get it right. Unfortunately, marketing agencies within the medical space don’t have the best reputation. They are known for having an outdated product and extremely long contracts. Below are the main things we recommend you evaluate when making your decision on which company to select.

1. Reporting

It’s really important to see a few sample reports before making a decision on which medical marketing agency to hire. This will show you how the company measures success.

We highly recommend staying away from medical & dental marketing agencies that don’t include keywords in their reporting. This is a sure sign they have very little confidence their service will improve your organic placement.

It’s important the marketing agency uses a variety of different metrics when measuring performance. We highly recommend going with a company that looks at phone calls, rankings, and traffic. That’s really the perfect trifecta. If you get a report that shows those three data points, you should be able to determine if your campaign is moving in the right direction.

2. Fulfillment Tactics

This is the place most medical & dental marketing firms get it wrong. Here’s the thing, producing high quality work is hard and expensive. It’s a lot easer to practice low quality SEO tactics. Companies that do this kind of work tend to shy away from content marketing. Instead, they focus on getting as many backlinks as possible This kind of strategy worked great 10 years ago. Now day, this kind of fulfillment can actually be detrimental to your online marketing.

We strongly recommend going with a company that focuses and adding as much new content to your blog as possible. When done right, this will be the thing that produces the results you’re after.

Google is looking to reward websites that have the most information about a particular subject. Looking at the number of pages and quality of content is the primary metric Google uses in it’s ranking algorithm. If the agency you hired is producing any less than one blog post a week, they have no clue what they’re doing.

It’s also important to build up your local presence. This is primarily done through building “citations”. These are essentially references from local business directories. Getting citations from trusted websites like Yelp, Google Business, and is the best way to improve where you’re website shows up in the maps listings.

3. Length of Engagement

We’ve talked about this a lot on our website. We firmly believe that companies that only offer long engagements are going to rip you off. When you think about it, the whole reason they push for long contracts is they have no confidence their service will produce results. Making a company sign a contract that last for up to 3 years is a brilliant way to make sure they keep paying each month.

Companies that have super long engagements tend to produce very low quality work. When they have a contract that runs for years and years it removes the pressure to perform.

Here at Solution Med Media, we will always offer packages that have no contract. We’re confident in our ability to increase calls, rankings, and clients. If you’re sick of the status-quo and are looking for results, come see what we have to offer.