If you’ve worked with other medical or dental marketing agencies in the past, you know there’s a big difference from company to company. This applies to all aspects of the service from initial onboarding to monthly reporting. There are also vast differences in how the packages and contracts are constructed. Below are the 3 main things we recommend you look at when trying to find the right medical marketing provider.

1. Package Options with NO CONTRACTS

I’ve been in the digital marketing space for over 10 years. One of the things I’ve seen over and over again is agencies that have long contracts tend to produce very low quality work. If you think about it, that’s the whole reason why the try to tie a practice down to a long contract. They have no confidence the doctor or dentist would stay with their service long-term, so they suck them into a contract that could be binding for as long as 2 years.

Usually the medical marketing agencies that use the long-term contract as a core business strategy hide it behind getting the cost of a website redesign spread out over the length of the engagement. Rather than having to pay 15K upfront, that cost is spread-out over a 24 month period. I’ve also seen them use clever language about getting a big discount on the services if you commit long-term. There’s all kinds of lies and manipulation that can be used to trick people into using these companies.

I personally don’t agree with only having packages that come with extended contracts. If a digital marketing agency really believes in their work and ability to get results, they shouldn’t be afraid of going month to month with businesses. This gives the practice the ultimate flexibility to decide if they’re getting their moneys worth from the medical marketing agency.

2. Great Marketing On Their Own Website

The best example of what a digital marketing company is going to do for their clients is what they do for themselves. If you’re talking to a sales guy and he’s preaching about the importance of content, it’s probably smart to see how often they’re updating their site. The truth of the matter is it’s easy to talk about the right strategies to implement with medical marketing. It’s much harder to have the ability, knowledge, processes, and drive to implement a quality campaign.

If you’re already working with a medical marketing agency, we strongly recommend putting them to the test. If they are constantly talking about how adding content to a blog is important, go look how often they are doing it for themselves. When you’re doing the analysis, try to be a little bit critical. Look at the dates when the new pages are being added to the site. Are they the same dates each month? If that’s the case, it’s a sure sign the content is being outsourced, and is very low quality.

Social media is another strategy marketing agencies talk about all the time. If they’re going to do a good job for their clients, they surly are experts implementing it for themselves. We recommend going on their FB and Twitter profiles, and looking at the level of engagement. Does it look like they are contributing to the networks on a regular basis? Does it seem like there are people engaging with their updates? If they can’t even do it for themselves, how in the world are they going to do it for someone else?

Lastly, look at the design of the marketing agencies website. Analyze the messaging on the different pages. Look at how fast the website loads, and if the overall look is pleasing to the eye. There’s no question having a beautiful website matters. This is especially true in the medical and dental industries. Potential customers are going to judge your level of skill by the look of your site. If the marketing agency’s website looks old and out dated, it’s a sure sign they don’t have the skill and expertise to deign an amazing site.

3. Reporting on What Doesn’t Matter

There are a lot of medical and dental marketing agencies that refuse to report on rankings. They say “rankings don’t prove anything. What really matters is the amount of traffic & conversions.” At its core, this is true. Rankings are a tool that lead to more brand exposure and clients. However, they are also really easy to quantify and prove success or failure. The companies that refuse to talk about rankings are really just trying to hide their lack of performance. They do that by pulling a bunch of confusing numbers from several different channels to try to show you are getting some value from your monthly bill.

The best digital marketing companies give you all of the facts. They will report on the number of conversions, traffic, and rankings. They will also show you the actual work that’s being completed each month. Over the years, I’ve heard a ton of marketing agencies say “we can’t show all of the completed tasks. That would give out proprietary information that makes our business unique”.  That’s really just code language that means their work is just a pile of junk that would make you cancel the service the second you saw it.

Finding a high quality medical or dental marketing agency is a real trick. If they’re trying to stick you with a long contract, report on what doesn’t matter, and don’t do high quality work for themselves, we strongly recommend running the other direction.

If you’re looking for a high quality medical marketing agency, we would love to have a chat. Here at Solution Med Media, we would be more than happy to show you our portfolio or discuss how we quantify success. We’ve had a 98% retention rate over the last two years, and are confident that number will continue to rise as we build our business.