No one likes the feeling of being ripped off. The problem for most dentists or doctors is they have no clue if it’s happening to them.

You may feel like you aren’t getting the results you’d like from your marketing provider, but how are you supposed to know if you are being totally screwed? That’s the reason we wrote this post. It will give you some specific warning signs to look for when evaluating your marketing provider..

There are a few things all low quality medical marketing agencies do. These are tactics they use to essentially confuse their clients. If you think you might be getting ripped off, we highly recommend you keep reading.

1. Junk Agencies Never Include Keyword Rankings in Reports

Medical & dental marketing agencies that don’t include rankings in their reporting are the worst of the worst. Here’s the thing. They will make the point that rankings aren’t what matters. They’ll say traffic & conversions are really what counts. The tricky thing about this discussion is they are actually right about that point. However, they are right for the wrong reasons.

It’s true phone calls & new customers are the whole point of medial marketing. If you are ranking for keywords that generate no traffic, they add zero value to your business. However, raking for strategic terms is extremely important.

Getting keyword placement at the top of Google will generate qualified traffic. This traffic will then drive new leads and customers. So, the end conversion is obviously the most important thing, but it would have never happened if the keyword rankings didn’t attract the user. It makes no sense to keep track of phone calls, traffic, and links, but ignore rankings.

Companies that don’t want to talk about where your website is showing up in Google have no confidence in their own product. They know their service is low quality and won’t produce results. They don’t want to discuss where your keywords are coming up in search because that’s too easy of way to quantify way success.

Instead of looking at the rankings, low quality agencies will start throwing out a bunch of big numbers. These could be traffic stats they pull from several confusing channels, inaccurate conversion estimates, or number of new links. This is really a sneaky way to throw out a smokescreen. Most dentists and doctors didn’t have analytics configured on their website before engaging with the shady agency. There’s really no baseline to establish if the marketing company has increased the amount of whatever they’re reporting from before they got started.

The biggest reason low quality medical marketing agencies don’t report on rankings is it would completely undermine their service. This would be too easy of a way for clients to see they are getting zero value from the marketing company’s product. I’ve seen examples of doctors that paid 30K in a year, only to see their core keywords lose ground in Google.

The bottom line is any medical marketing company that refuses to include rankings in their reporting is absolute crap. The horrible thing is they know they are crap. That’s the whole reason they don’t include the ranking numbers in the reports.

If you are stuck with one of these kinds of agencies, you need to find a way out. We guarantee you are getting ripped off beyond belief.

2. Long Contracts That Auto Renew

This is a famous trick low quality medical marketing agencies play on their customers. First, they stick practices with extremely long contracts. We’ve seen examples where the obligation lasted 2 to 3 years. That is absolutely ridiculous! To make matters worse, they strategically write these malicious contracts auto-renew.

The auto-renew scam means if you don’t follow the strict cancelation guidelines, you’ll be stuck paying thousands of dollars a month for another long period of time. Most shady contracts require you to send a cancelation request within a short window of time. Of course the marketing agency would never let you know when that time is going to start or end. They hope you will forget about the whole thing, and get stuck with another few years of crap.

Long contracts that auto-renew remove any pressure for the medical marketing agency to have to perform. If you’re not receiving any value from their service, you are out of luck. When you were getting started with the original engagement, they had you sign an air-tight agreement that handcuffed your practice to their crappy company.

Any marketing agency that has a long, auto-renewing contract is going to have a very low quality product.

3. Every Time You Talk, Its The Exact Same Thing

Most low quality medical marketing agencies have very ridged product. When you talk to them on the phone or look at their reporting, it’s always the same. Some of these companies have been using the same low quality service for years and years.

There are two reason junk marketing agencies don’t evolve. First, they lack a general understanding of digital marketing. Second, it’s very expensive to produce high quality work. It’s much easier to offer a cookie cutter product that’s easy to fulfill. In their eyes, It doesn’t matter if the thing works. The only thing that matters is they have something to include in your monthly report.

When you talk to your low quality medical marketing agencies, they will always talk about the same thing. It may be them recommending you get more Google Review or maybe they suggest you need to write new content for your site.

Whatever the case may be, there will usually be 2 or 3 topics that never change. Again, the low quality marketing agency isn’t doing the phone call to go over anything important. They aren’t even doing it to strategize about your campaign. The only reason they are doing it is so they can have something to add to the monthly report to make you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth.


If you are stuck with a low quality medical marketing agency, you need to find a way out. If this means waiting till the contract is over, that may be the only solution. If that’s the case, make sure you follow their strict cancelation guidelines.

We recommend calling the low quality company, and ask when your contract expires. Then, be sure to post a big not on your dest or create a Google update to remind you to give notice within the right time period. That’s the only way you’ll stop being ripped off.

If you are finally ready for a medical marketing agency that can produce results, be sure to give us a ring. We have absolute confidence our service will take your practice to the next level. That’s why we will always offer package options that go month to month. If you’re ready to work with the best, give us a ring.