Lead Laboratory

Solution Med Media uses strategic development techniques, coupled with the client input, to focus on lead generation. Our lead laboratory program includes several key elements of success including:


Ad Management

Grabbing the attention of your core audience is the focus of our ad management program. We create compelling ads designed for advertising on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and other online platforms. From the copywriting and strategy to design and implementation, our creative team works closely with you to create an effective, successful ad campaign.

Targeted Landing Pages

Capture leads at a higher rate by implementing compelling landing pages. Our targeted landing pages are designed as part of our streamlined success tracking feature. We bring you clean data, better leads, and an exciting new look for your brand and services you offer.

Downloadable Collateral

We create intriguing and helpful collateral for potential leads to download and use for free. Solution Med Media has multiple download materials available for use including eBooks, whitepapers, guides, and infographics.

Lead Nurture Blast

Did you know that most American businesses will lose 15% of their core customers each year? Failure to maintain high-touch with all of your existing customers could be your downfall! We create customized lead nurture blasts designed to help you stay connected with your customers on a regular basis. From downloadable educational materials to email blasts designed to market products and services, Solution Med Media is here to help you keep your core business intact!

Retargeting Ads

No matter how someone finds your brand, we will be able to connect with them for up to 30 days following their initial interaction with the use of our retargeting ads. We create relevant, original ads with Google’s retargeting network to help pull that lead back to your website. Our goal is to keep your brand at the top of their mind when they are browsing the web.

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